Ohjauspalvelut.jpgGuidance Services, Working Life Change Management and Support and Work Coaching!

EDU Edu Oy offers guidance and coaching flexibly and according to your needs! 

Our coaches have strong expertise in:

  • career planning and guidance
  • work community and organisational knowledge
  • recruitment
  • orientation and preparation

They have experience in diverse fields, as well as profound knowledge of the labour market and strong cooperation networks.
Coaching and guidance are arranged as both individual and group sessions. The coaching is always  functional, solution-oriented, practical and resource-oriented.

Career planning, guidance and coaching can also include a variety of short trainings for getting compact themed qualifications (so-called “cards”) and for obtaining necessary permits. These trainings may include access to educational institutions or training and work. We customise the content and duration as needed.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for an offer on guidance or coaching either for Your own organisation or for  an individual: redu.edu@redu.fi

More information:

Henna Poikajärvi

Coach | REDU Edu Oy
phone. 040 4858249


NEW START - Change Management Support Coaching

NEW START - Change security coaching offers support in a work redundancy situation for a rapid re-employment. In addition, there will be a review with the continuing staff on how to restore confidence, maintain work motivation and address the feelings caused by change.

The coaching is resource-based and solution-focused individual and group coaching. It can include training for getting compact themed qualifications (so-called “cards”) and for obtaining necessary permits, as well as the opportunity to utilise Extended DISC personnel analysis and competence mapping.

The goal of the New Start coaching is to:
  • Face and deal with a situation of change and the emotions associated with it.
  • Survey and identify one's own skills, wishes and overall situation.
  • Find out what the key competence requirements are in different fields.
  • Find out what one's own strengths are in relation to job vacancies and “hidden jobs”.
  • Get support in one's job search and to update the necessary documents needed for it.

The coaching strengthens community activities through leadership that supports well-being, as well as well-being at work and community as a resource in a changed work environment.

We tailor coaching to various staff reduction situations and adjustment needs to support both the employment of those made redundant, and continuing staff in a situation of change. ________________________________________________________________

Career Planning and Guidance

Our career planning and guidance services provide information, counseling and guidance for clarifying career choices and career options, applying for training and developing working life skills. A personal career counselor will help, support and spar You with clarifying Your goals and planning your activities.

For jobseekers or those changing their field of work:

  • When it comes to career guidance, the employment may have ended - therefore the guidance is used to map career options and build a concrete action plan for a new solution.
  • Career guidance support when You have a variety of learning, inclusion and behavioral challenges, challenges in engaging with society and working life, or challenges with diversity when accessing study or employment.

For organisations and their employees:

  • Career guidance can be provided to those in employment when jobs have changed in the workplace, jobs have disappeared and new ones have emerged, skills have changed and new job descriptions and work paths are being built..

Career guidance focuses on:

  • mapping and identifying one's own competences
  • utilising and planning one's career
  • how to build and manage one's own, self-relevant and suitable working life.

It can be supported by “ForeAmmatti” competency assessment or Extended DISC personnel analysis.


Work Coaching and Supported Work Coaching 

Work coaching is helpful when You are looking for a suitable job for you or want to evaluate, identify and highlight Your skills and strengths in the job market. 

The goal of the work coaching service is to: 

  • facilitate the one's job search.
  • offer support in employment.
  • provide guidance in finding one's own direction.

The work coach helps You personally when looking for a suitable job for You.
In supported work coaching, the client is referred to rehabilitation if necessary. Clients are referred to rehabilitation services in multi-professional cooperation. Supported work coaching includes neuropsychiatric guidance.

In supported work coaching, guidance and coaching is long-term, wide-ranging guidance that also provides enhanced support. Work coaching can be obtained 50 hours a year and one can apply for support separately from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela) or The Employment and Business Services (TE-Office). Work coach training can also be combined with work coach support.

On-the-job training is carried out in cooperation with staffing companies, etc. and for private clients: On-the-job training 50,00 € / hour.


Other Services

Education, training, consulting and sparring for professionals and experts in teaching and supervisor positions. Should You have a need for other type of services, please contact us and we will consider a suitable solution together.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for an offer on guidance or coaching either for Your own organisation or for  an individual: redu.edu@redu.fi

More information:
Henna Poikajärvi

Coach | REDU Edu Oy
phone. 040 4858249


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